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To Young To Be A Mother

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Too Young to Be a Mother
You’re her mother? Wow you look like you could be just a young teeny bopper. As my jaw dropped with rage and confusion on why this women was spilling that out of their mouth. I simply looked at the women and said, “If that’s what you think, then yeah sure, just a young teeny bopper,” and I walked away. Know is that what I wanted to say? Heck no, but I was trying to be the adult. The part that amazed me the most is the fact that this women even talked to me in that way, not knowing me at all. I understand that I may be younger, but if you have no clue of who a person is why would you even assume that. However, it’s made as if I was her mother I was not fit to be a ...view middle of the document...

Now the average age is mid to late twenties states the Huffington Post. So now that it says its’ better to wait to get married does that mean it should be frowned upon? No, way. Should it matter how old you are when you fall in love and decide to have a family? No and it should not be judged by people who are not involved in that person life.
There are many flaws to having a child to young. I can agree with that. Also there are many flaws with women waiting until they are older as well. How could that be? Well if a women is too young and has not started her own life; such as moved out of mom and dad’s house, still in high school she is more dependent on her parents help then her spouses help. She has not experienced life outside of being taken care of at home. On the other hand she may benefit from being younger as well, by having more energy, a healthy body and lifestyle, not having to worry about struggling, but however the baby’s father is more than likely not in that child’s life. On the other hand a women whom waits until she is older may not be in the best shape or health to have a child, she may also not have any outside help as far and her parents because they may have already pasted. Not only that, but she may also not be financially stable. Also just because she is older does not mean...

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