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Tobacco Advertising in Today's SocietyTable of ContentsiExecutive Summary 1Introduction 2Tobacco Advertising throughout the Years 2Reforming the Target Market 4Current Marketing Tactics 7Anti-tobacco Advertisements 9Freedom of Speech 10Conclusion wORKS cITED 11APPENDIX 11Executive SummaryThe practice of marketing tobacco products has been a sensitive issue for many years and is yet to be resolved. Many changes have been made since the boom of advertising began in the early 1900's. Through means of television, radio, print, and promotional offers, the industry has adapted their marketing techniques to conform to the different mediums.Throughout this paper I will explain the three different stages of tobacco advertisements: the reform of the target market, the current techniques used by the tobacco industry, and finally the new wave of anti-tobacco advertising. In addition, I will discuss how the First Amendment plays a part in the marketing issues and share my personal thoughts. IntroductionThe marketing of tobacco products has been a controversial issue for many years and is still being disputed in today's society. Over the past several years the issue of advertising tobacco products has made its way into the forefront of news media. There is an ongoing controversy of whether the tobacco industry should be covered under the first amendment, dealing with the freedom of speech, or if the government should overlook this amendment to prevent tobacco advertisements from reaching the publics eyes. This is an issue that has caught the interest of the public, and more so consumed an enormous amount of time and money going through various legal proceedings.Within the past few years, the tobacco industry has paid out millions of dollars to individual states for the purpose of creating anti-tobacco ads. Worldwide, there are mixed opinions of whether the current anti-tobacco ads are efficient in preventing the use of tobacco products, and ultimately worth the money being spent on them.Tobacco Advertising throughout the YearsReforming the Target MarketWhile advertisements for cigarettes have been in place for well over a century, it was not until the 1920's that tobacco companies began to focus on marketing in an attempt to attract more customers. At this time the major cigarette brands, such as Camel, Chesterfield, and Lucky Strike, began to focus on a new market; they ventured into the previously unsought market of advertising cigarettes to women. "Using themes of emancipation, motherhood, weight control, and pleasure, tobacco companies and their advertisers created feminized campaigns, crafting messages that reflected the dominate social values and responded to contemporary anxieties."To provide and example of this, in the mid 1920's a man by the name of Albert Lasker developed the first campaign, for the industry, geared to women. Lasker was hired by the American Tobacco Company to develop a campaign to introduce women to Lucky Strike cigarettes....

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