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Tobacco and alcohol advertising has always been an important issue in today's society especially because of the affect it can have on today's adolescents. Even today alcohol is the number one choice for youths of America. For example, "twenty-four percent of eighth grader, forty percent of tenth graders and fifty-one percent of twelfth graders reported a past thirty day alcohol use, as contrasted with ten percent of eighth graders, nineteen percent of tenth graders and twenty-three percent of twelfth graders who reported use of marijuana within the same thirty day period." (J. Unger, p. 178) Looking at these statistics seems quite high. Thinking that the majority of the high school population uses alcohol is surprising. Advertising alcohol just feeds the fire even more. Alcohol advertising is the major source of information for today's youth concerning alcohol. Estimates indicate that that in any certain year, a typical adolescent may encounter in excess of "two thousand beer, wine, and liquor advertisements from magazines, newspapers, television and billboards. A 1996 study of children age's nine to 11 found that children were more familiar with Budweiser's television frogs than Kellogg's Tony the Tiger, the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, or Smokey the Bear." (J. Unger,p.179) In the recent years the internet has become a prime outlet for advertising beer, wine, and liquor. Studies show that the numbers have risen from "forty three web sites that advertise alcohol in 1997 to seventy seven in 1999," (J, Unger,p.179) the stunning thing is that some the websites in which these advertisement are on contain youth material. Websites that contain alcoholic material take very little preventative measure to make sure that youths can't access their material. For example, having visitors to the website with alcoholic content sign in with a date of birth can be very easily manipulated."Youth alcohol use can lead to many problems such as suicide, car accidents, violent behavior towards others, high risk sexual behaviors, drug use, and poor academics." (E. Waiters, p. 698) "Experimental studies show that subjects exposed to alcohol advertising in a controlled environment shows that one specific study examining the effects of two types of alcohol advertising concerning consumption found small, but relatively shorter term effects for a small portion of study participants. In another study adolescent's were shown videotapes of alcohol advertisements embedded in entertainment or sports programming, but these studies basically failed to demonstrate enough evidence to link direct advertising exposure with alcohol related outcomes." (J. Unger, p.180) Field studies have also been done in this field of research. Not much evidence has been found to link alcohol and advertising, in this study.When looking at advertising one has to be able to know what the advertisement is about to be able to associate it with its message. In effort to prove that youths are easily...

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This research paper is on advertising and alcohol. There are facts about how media and advertising portrays alcohol in our society today.

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