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Tobacco And Its Harmful Effects Essay

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The “Smoking” Killer
Smoking has become a big health epidemic in today’s society. Smoking has grown to be a “norm” among all races, genders, and ages of Americans. Smoking is very harmful to the body because of the vast chemicals that are involved in the tobacco. Various life-threaten disease, such as Cancer come from smoking. The government has implemented a wide range of ways to stop people from smoking these senseless chemicals to live a smoke-free life.
Literature Review
Tobacco crops are the most important grown crops by American farmers. (Tobacco, 2013) These crops are the most valuable to American society because they are sold as cigarettes, chewing tobacco and snuff (sniffed through the nose). Tobacco started in the middle sixteen hundred and late seventeen hundred by the means of raw materials sold to other countries from “English American mainland colonies and the United States.” (Tobacco, 2013) “In the early nineteenth century the “chaw” became popular.” (Tobacco, 2013) This was a pitiful sight for people who were not from America because of the spit. Subsequently, the United States started developing and sending abroad more tobacco in the 1960s than any country. (Tobacco, 2013) They produced more in the 1960s because of the Civil War. The Civil War advanced the use of tobacco by using new methods, such as cigars and cigarettes. (Tobacco, 2013) “Per capita consumption of chewing tobacco declined after 1890.” (Tobacco, 2013) In the 1920s, cigarettes were the fad and advertisers took advantage of it. (Tobacco, 2013) “Government, science and technology transformed tobacco culture into agribusiness by legislation, invention, and mechanization.” (Tobacco, 2013) People saw smoking as a business rather than focusing on the well-being of an individual. They saw that if the Indians could smoke and not die then they could too smoke. “The 1930s also produced the first widely noted scientific studies associating smoking “with a definite impairment of longevity,” but these early warnings left tobacco manufactures free to market their cigarettes to a largely uninformed public.” (Tobacco, 2013) On January 11, 1964, the United States Surgeon General Luther L. Terry stated that cigarette smoking “in such clear and concise language that it could not be misunderstood.” (Tobacco, 2013) Since Mr. Terry made this statement about smoking, the modernized government of that time made policies to try and limit or prohibit the use of cigarette smoking. (Tobacco, 2013) The policies declined smoking for the more educated people, but the uneducated people and other undeveloped nations were targeted for smoking and selling of cigarettes was very high. (Tobacco, 2013)
As of today, tobacco use is a cause of death that can be prevented because it is a choice not a necessity. Tobacco is known to cause the main leading disease Cancer, but it also causes heart disease, stroke, and lung disease. (CDC, 2013) “More deaths are caused each year by tobacco use than by...

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