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Tobacco Consumption In Adolescents: A Health Promotion Campaign

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Tobacco Consumption in Adolescents: A Health Promotion Campaign
This essay will discuss the issue of smoking in adolescents from the Australian context. The discussion will include a recent campaign that has been created to cut the morbidity rates of smoking in adolescents from Western Australian (WA). The campaign “Smarter than Smoking” provided an effective health promotion interventions to reduce tobacco enhancement for adolescents aged 10-15 years old. The essay will provide an analysis on tobacco consumption in adolescents. Thus, portraying the potential harms of smoking at a young age in Western Australia. This will lead to a discussion about the implementation of the program “Smarter than Smoking” and the effectiveness of the program in the society.

Background on the issue:
Smoking in Australia has been measured to be one of the countless major epidemics in adults. According to the report by Scollo (2011) the majority of adult smokers have acquired the habit of smoking in their early adolescence. This is resembled in the survey’s conducted in 1995-1996 (Brown & Quinn, 2013; Mitchell, 2008; Wood, 2009), which indicated that the rates for smokers within the ages of 10-15 were 20% and 16-17 were 40%. The high prevalence of smoking at such a young age is influenced by extrinsic and intrinsic factors (Mitchell, 2008). According to Brown (2013) extrinsic factors such as family, friends, and media were the main resources for adolescents to learn smoking. However, according to Mitchell (2008) the spark of any cigarette was initially created by a crucial intrinsic factor, which is curiosity. Curiosity and imitation influences this young population to cause harm to their lives and others. A recent research conducted by Scollo (2011) indicated that most cardiovascular deaths relates significantly to the quantity of smoking and the age of initiation.
The effects of smoking on the adolescent population tend to have a greater impact on the future of these individuals (Scollo, 2011). In 2004-2005 more than 14000 deaths have occurred in Australia as of smoking (Mitchell, 2008). Hence, smoking is shown to be one of the main risk factors that contribute to the development of certain cardiovascular illnesses and certain types of cancers (Scollo, 2011). Therefore, the increase in the rates of adolescent smokers will increase the future rates of myocardial infarctions, COPD, lung cancers, strokes and other types of diseases (Scollo, 2011). In fact the rates of death will increase significantly with the high rates o adolescent smoking. Therefore, in order to control this epidemic the National Heart Foundation Institute with the support of Healthyway the multimedia program “Smarter than Smoking” was implemented.

About the program:
The “Smarter than Smoking” program is a multi-strategic long-standing campaign that is aimed to reduce the prevalence of adolescence smoking rates. The multimedia program has been most effective in the years 2005-present (Beal,...

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