Tobacco Issues In Public Education Essay

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Most teenagers have a better grasp of time then others; while the few can see past the present and see what the future can withhold. “In 2011, 19% of high school girls and 28% of high school boys used some form of tobacco at least one day in the month before the survey.” (Society) Most juveniles will not get the long term picture; of what the short term effects that transpires on their body. For the respiratory system the short term effects such as, coughing, irritation of the eyes, and throat. One cigarette usually will not kill an individual; but, side effects will occur by using it only once.
In reality, the upcoming generation strongly believes that they’re immortal. Growing up and believing nothing is harmful seems to be the static quo. If surveying the youth, a majority of consumers would know the health implications that can occur; yet, they still smoke due to the personal stimulus and the addiction that occurs from consumption. Many consumers know that using tobacco products can result in 69 different types of cancer. (Health) Many short term effects of smoking that everyone are familiar with such as: dizziness, raise in heart rate, and increase in blood pressure. Tobacco industries’ customers become addicted to their products by the implantation of nicotine. Nicotine is highly addictive and can later transpire into a stroke. “Nicotine is classified as a stimulus; which temporarily quickens some vital process.” (Liebert Exam 2 Notes)
Considering, the major health concerns about smoking or using tobacco products. Solutions that can hopefully diminish the number of teens who have experimented with these products would be to propose regulations so the appearance of the packaging would appeal less as an exciting product to use. By giving these packages duller appearances; this will hopefully have the youth of our generation bypass normal temptations. Kid’s where more appealed to the color packaging; most words that came out of kid’s mouths after observing the packaging of different cigarette brands were, “This is my favorite color… reminds me of Ferraris… and reminded some kids of a...

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