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A person should not do a tobacco advertisement that is against their own beliefs the answer is no. This paper will tackle why it is wrong for an advertiser to spend. “8.05 billion dollars ” for people to take part in a substance that is the only “legally available product in the United States that when ‘used as directed’ will kill the user and injure others. ” Kant even expressed a person’s action do not matter and the way a person act is the determining factor if their actions should be deemed ethical. Tobacco companies go against the American Marketing Association. There is ethical justification for non-tobacco products but for tobacco that is not the case. Marketing tobacco works, not ...view middle of the document...

Kant’s categorical imperative which simply says, “a person should not consider doing harm or acting dishonest as a worthy of universal laws. ”. Kant’s categorical imperative which simply says, “a person should not consider doing harm or acting dishonest as a worthy of universal law. ” Tobacco companies do not uphold to the three ethical norms when especially the first that states do harm
The worst part of the tobacco is the marketing, and tobacco marketing works. It does not matter what the motives are people are continuously bombarded with marketing. According to Prentice Hall “Process…determines…what, when, how, from whom and how often to purchase goods and services. ” Buying tobacco is not a choice it is the impulse from seeing the advertising. Marketing, of tobacco products spend about “$23 million dollars per day and shocking $7.76 billion and accounted for 92.7% of all cigarette marketing in 2011. ” Advertising makes the product look “cool” and so new people are drawn to the product because it is linked with sexual attractiveness, success, adventure and self-fulfillment.
There are many products aimed at children because that is the purpose, but tobacco is also aimed at children. Joe Camel gave children the sense “rich heritage, colorful personality and irreverent sense of humor. ” The key point is that this brand of cigarettes shows youth that cigarettes are a break through into adulthood.
Like any advertising they lie, but tobacco companies lie to make their product look good. “A tobacco companies once gave $125 thousand worth of food to a charity. ” That makes it okay for people to buy a harmful product that does “good” for the community. A case that Judge Gladys Kessler made tobacco companies correct their statements about their products. Judge Kessler said that “They distorted the truth about low tar and light cigarettes. ” This is their way of discouraging smokers to quit. This is why it is wrong for tobacco companies to advertise.
A philosopher W.D. Ross modified Kant’s work. He made a list of duties that are important that is necessary to live by. The first would be...

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