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A physical journey incorporates expeditions from one place to another, where a variety of obstacles may possibly be faced. By overcoming these obstacles and challenges, physical journey can provide opportunities for travelers to extend themselves physically, intellectually and emotionally.The idea of a physical journey is explored in the painting “Tobacco Road, Ovens Valley” illustrated by Jeff Carter. The image “Tobacco Road” focuses primarily on the physical movement from one destination to another, where a determined family of two plump women and a small boy are thrusting a car through a muddy landscape to arrive at their valued destination. The personas perceive the journey as an opportunity to fulfill their aspirations and hence have a strong desire to undertake this particular physical journey.Jeff Carter indicates that a physical journey is much more than the destination itself. It is the amalgamation of the physical movement and the obstacles and challenges that the travelers may encounter. These challenges and obstacles can often cause pain and affliction, however by overcoming these struggles, it can ultimately lead the family and provide them with the opportunity to gain civilization and fulfill their aspirations. The composer has conveyed the concept of physical journeys using a variety of techniques such as symbolism, vectors, body language and contrast in colour and light.Visual symbolism was used extensively throughout the photograph to portray the physical movement of the journey. The open road and the car are both a symbol that implies a movement from one place to another. The open road implies an extensive expedition where constraints and limitations will be faced and will be needed to overcome. In addition, the muddy landscape is portrayed as an obstacle, it places strains on the family, as they are not travelling on a flat lenient surface, but instead an oppressive and sticky ground, it thus creates techniques of struggles and adversity throughout the family’s voyage. It emphasizes the challenges that this particular family is to endure when pushing the car on their journey in order to...

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