Tobacco's Harmful Effects, Health And Economic

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Tobacco kills five million people yearly, which is much more then HIV/Aids, Tuberculosis, and Malaria combined, according to International Union Against Cancer. This addicting drug can in fact end up giving the user a death sentence. As the body grows older, the DNA atoms can be mutated by this seemingly harmless plant. This mutation of cells can eventually spread and the user will end up with a body full of cancer. These cancer sticks or cigarettes are not only harmful to your body but also hard on your wallet. The eradication of the use of tobacco would deplete the health risks associated with tobacco, and would put needed money back into the people’s wallets.
The depletion of health risks would hinder second hand smoke and cancer caused by tobacco, which would slow the death rate each and every year. Second hand smoke is a combination of carcinogens that come from a mixture of toxins that are released from other people’s cigarettes. These harmful toxins are in establishments such as bars, smoker’s houses and anywhere that permits tobacco use. Even though some individuals might be nonsmokers, they can still reap the benefits that smokers receive from tobacco use. According to Indiana Tobacco Prevention and Cessation, an estimated fifty thousand are killed each year from second hand smoke. The health risks of tobacco include addiction as well as much time spent in hospitals treating or fighting the disease. These cancers include lung cancer, and or cancer of the oral cavity. In the U.S. the leading

cancer is in fact lung cancer, and the only good effect of lung cancer is that it is the most preventable form of cancer according to National Cancer Institute. Oral cancer has been diagnosed in more than thirty-four thousand Americans reported by Oral Cancer Facts Inc. Cancer of the mouth is caused by more than twenty-eight chemicals that kill gum tissue and create passages for toxins to enter the body. These health risks all add up to a higher death rate. American Cancer Society and World Lung Foundation reported that tobacco use causes six million deaths a year, a third of those deaths are from cancer. According to, smoking causes approximately four-hundred thousand deaths per year. Health warnings along with the impact on American wallets are the main two basic reasons for eradicating tobacco use. These health warnings are not the only reason for eradicating tobacco use, the other reason is the impact on the people’s wallet.
The extermination of tobacco would not only put needed money into pockets, but it would drop the cost down to bare minimum to account for the deflation. The tobacco industry tells the public that it employs close to two-hundred thousand employees, but according to Corp Watch, the manufacturing and farming employees have plummeted due to mechanization, and increased the amount of imported tobacco from foreign countries. In the U.S. right now the unemployment rate has increased to ten percent of the total...

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