Tobacco Use And The Effects On Individuals In Society

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Tobacco use is a very common issue that continues to arise in todays fast pace ever-changing economy. Nevertheless, with the present increase in stress, people seek for different ways to help indulge cravings or reduce overbearing and endless stress related problems. Cigarette use these days seems to be a helpful and resourceful way out for many people as they can easily become addicted and crave tobacco. Ironically, despite the health conscious generation we are assumed to be, cigarette use is quite common. Taking this into consideration, many tobacco companies try to appeal to different types of smokers, offering a variety of types of cigarettes, ranging from 'mild', 'light' or 'ultra light' brands, differentiating them from the ever so common 'regular' brands. Despite the different type however, what is commonly overlooked or ignored by the individual purchasing the brand, is that these impressive types of cigarettes do not lower the risk of lung-cancer. In fact, such popular 'light cigarettes' are designed to work well on health regulated machines, but manufacturers failed to mention that smokers would actually have to puff harder and in turn, would still get as much tar and nicotine as with a regular cigarette.In the article assigned by the Toronto Star entitled, "More tobacco suits likely to come", the main argument or purpose held is regarding a $10 billion law suit against Altria Groups Inc.'s Phillip Morris USA. Essentially, the suit accused Phillip Morris of defrauding Illinois smokers of Marlboro Lights and Cambridge Lights by marketing the cigarettes as lower in tar and nicotine. It is evident to see that throughout the article the negative effects of different types of cigarettes are continually mentioned as well as different types of advertising methods tobacco companies use to try and appeal to different audiences. There is ample amount of reasonable evidence in this article to support the argument because the article includes statements made by the judge in charge of the case, tobacco-control lawyers, the Philip Morris Company and a tobacco analyst at Merrill Lunch. Evidently, these sources provide statements with real evidence versus anecdotal, even though some maybe opinion based. Throughout this article, the author did not have a strong standpoint regarding the issue of tobacco use. It seems as though the article was put together to give the reader a knowledgeable understanding about what schemes and types of advertisement methods are used when marketing cigarettes. The article simply acquired evidence and information from a lawsuit taking place in Illinois. The author did not have a strong opinion on this article. Generally speaking, this is because on issues such as cigarette use, detailed research has been obtained to provide the public with possible long and short-term effects nicotine has on ones system. Taking this into consideration, although it may...

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