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Tobacco War Essay

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Table contentsIntroduction .................................................................. 1Tobacco nowadays ............................................................................. 2SWOT / Recommendations ................................................ 4Phillip Morris Strategy ...................................................... 6Phillip Morris Web site ..................................................... 7Conclusion ................................................................... 8IntroductionTobacco is a plant which grows in a wide range of soil and climate conditions. Its non edible leaf is dried and used to produce cigarettes, pipe tobacco, cigars, chewing tobacco and snuff. According to the World Health Organisations, tobacco kills more than two and a half million people prematurely every year. The industry that sells these products has been well aware of the dangers for decades but continues to put their own profits before peoples health. It has been said, that these merchants of death are guilty of nothing short of murder.Tobacco is most commonly smoked as cigarettes, both manufactured -- which are a highly sophisticated nicotine delivery system -- and hand-rolled. Pipes, cigars, bidis and other products are used to a lesser extent or predominantly in particular regions. Cigarettes are made from fine-cut tobaccos which are wrapped in paper or a maize leaf. Cigars consist of cut tobacco filler formed in a binder leaf and with a wrapper leaf rolled spirally around the bunch. Bidis contain shredded tobacco wrapped in non-tobacco leaves, usually dried temburni leaves. The chemical composition of tobacco smoke, although influenced by the specific manner in which individuals smoke, is primarily determined by the type of tobacco .It is also influenced by the design of the smoking device or product and, for cigarettes, by the presence or absence of filters, and by other factors including ventilation, paper porosity and types of additives. As a result, concentrations of individual chemicals in smoke vary. Analysis of the ways in which people smoke modern cigarettes shows, that actual doses of nicotine, carcinogens and toxins depend on the intensity and method of smoking and have little relation to stated tar yields. The total volume of smoke drawn from cigarettes as a result of specific smoking patterns is the principal determinant of dose to the smoker. All presently available tobacco products that are smoked deliver substantial amounts of established carcinogens to their users.The yields of tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide from cigarettes, as measured by standard machine-smoking tests, have fallen over recent decades in cigarettes sold in most parts of the world, but have remained higher in some countries. The tar and nicotine yields as currently measured are misleading and have only little value in the assessment of human exposure to carcinogens.The regulation of smoking and smoke yields varies widely around the world in scope...

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