Today, Getting A Good Education Is Important.

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A college education is important during this day in age. Even a bachelor's degree is becoming "not enough." Continuing education is very important, even if you have already achieved your bachelor's or even master's degrees. There are many benefits to getting a quality education. One of them deals with your intellect. Being smarter, or having acquired and retained more knowledge than the average person, puts you way ahead of others on an everyday level. Not only will you benefit intellectually, but more than likely financially also. You can now support your desired lifestyle for yourself and your family. You no longer have to worry about your kids going to bed hungry. By furthering your education, you set an example and a high standard future generations to meet, whether they be your siblings or your own children. You will see that there are many more job opportunities and better salaries being offered, as you become more and more educated. Once you have obtained a degree, you will always have it. For women, a man can strip away everything (your confidence, your dignity, etc.), but he can NEVER take away your education. Furthering your education, keeps you competitive with other professionals, as far as your credentials are concerned.Finishing your education is not easy though. There are study habits a good student must have in order to be successful in advanced education. A good student steers away from procrasination, allowing plenty of time for all the information to be learn to settle and get comfortable inside your head before that big exam. If you have children or if you work full time, do as many online classes as possible. Most people don't go back to school right away because they have children or they don't want to...

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778 words - 3 pages self. The students do this by pushing themselves or trying to their fullest extent. By trying his/her hardest they will know their limitations. These areas are the purpose of education. Physical education is an important area in schools today. If taught correctly, it can develop physical and mental skills as well as develop a sense of self. By participating in physical activity, a student’s skill will naturally increase to the

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2184 words - 9 pages so I am positive we have all known this feeling. Why to we have to be criticized when we are wrong? I have to admit that a good way to learn from mistakes is by being criticized, but I know it is good to be wrong sometimes. If we were all perfect then what would we need education for? I know I have learned from my mistakes, but after my failures, I always have the desire to succeed. I know that when I am always right, I get into a state of

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1030 words - 4 pages Missing Works Cited The key and initial forces/factors that help children receive a good education are parents’ support, the child’s confidence, and the drive to learn. In The Joy of Reading and Writing: Superman and Me, Sherman Alexie demonstrates each characteristic, strives through obstacles and shines through it all. According to therapist, Anna Robinson, the first and key factor in children receiving a good education is

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598 words - 2 pages experience.Racquel KnightENGL 1001 W06Mr. Porcaro29 September 2014Assignment Name: Sample Essay-RevisionImportance of Getting a College EducationAccording to an old saying in my homeland, labor for learning before you grow old, for learning is better than silver and gold. Silver and gold will vanish away, but a good education will never decay. I used to say this often while I was in elementary school but it didn't mean much to me at the time. Thirteen years

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