Today's Adolescents: A Look At Sexual Development

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Today’s Adolescent: a look at Sexual Development
What role does early puberty play in sex? As childhood slowly fades away and the signs of puberty becomes apparent on the young adolescent body. During puberty the body undergoes many physical changes that seemingly just appear. For girls in the early years of adolescence may not see any secondary changes in their appearance however their ovaries began to grow. In recent years girls have been experiencing puberty at early periods rather than 8-11 years old. Because of evidence linking early maturation to adjustment and body image problems we should not consider early maturation to be an advantage for girls (Jaffe, 1998). Taking a look at the fashion industry, they have already taken advantage of the opportunities for those that welcome the early maturing body. It’s the time during maturation and the selection of apparel that accentuates the maturing body of a young lady that gets boys interested in them.
For boys the growth process of primary sexual changes during adolescence welcomes the enlarging penis and testes. Boys just like girls may mature at different times throughout puberty. Boys that mature late are most likely to have a hard time adjusting to adolescence. Both girls and boys going through puberty should have discussions prior to the onset of puberty. Some are better prepared for puberty than others mainly due to their knowledge about it prior to their experience.
Teaching both adolescent boys and girls how to properly take care of their personal hygiene should be taught preferably by someone in the home (parent/caregiver) rather than relying on teachers or peers for support. Information coming from a number of sources can confuse an adolescent that is considering participating in a sexual relationship. Each parent should consider the level of maturity when talking to their child about proper hygiene.
It’s amazing how adolescents are attracted to one another. Does research show any correlation between age, cultural factors, or visual stimuli? With the newly emerging body that puberty presents shortly thereafter adolescents will become to accept their changing body type. Not only is accepting their own body important it is just as equally important to be attracted by others. For the adolescent they are most likely to be drawn to others in close proximity to them. This is another reason that adolescents are attracted to a classmate or someone in the neighborhood. Although there are other ways in which adolescents can become involved with meeting people, in recent times attraction has become huge business through internet social sites. In a study done by Miller & Perlman (2009) found that there is a clear connection between physical proximity and interpersonal attraction, and a few feet can make a big difference.
Social sites that offer companionship recommend potential clients that are in close proximity. These social sites know that if there is going to be...

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