Today's Monsters Are Terrorists, Murderers, And Thieves

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Today’s society is not limited to just one type of "monster". There is many different types of monsters, such as terrorists, murders, and thieves and they vary in shapes, sizes, ethnicities and so much more. You can honestly never know what to ever expect from some one. The main reason these monsters exist is the greed that all people posses. No generation is the same when it comes to the monsters they create, the monsters in the generation today may not be the same that past generations have created but, a generation never fails to showcase their monsters because, no matter what, there will always be monsters out there, whether it’s the common thief, a murder, or the next genocidal dictator , but, one thing is for sure and that is that greed is ultimately what creates a monster.
Murderers may be the biggest threat to our society because, today, it's impossible to tell who will be a murderer. That gives them the chance to develop a relationship with you. Maybe become your best friend, girlfriend, a wife, or worst of all a family member and, they could be extremely deceitful because sometimes that is never their intentions till a trigger sets them off. It still remains though that murderers are propelled by their own greedy reasons. They take lives because they feel its necessary for their own self gain. To push them forward or to put someone else back.
Millions of people live their lives are in danger every day. Not one single person can trust anyone, whether it be a stranger you just met that day and seems friendly, a friend you’ve had for years maybe even since birth, or even a family member that you were born trusting and spent your whole life with. It isn't always a guaranteed what someone thinks of and you never know what someone feels. You can only ever go off what they tell you and, it seems to be the recurring factor that in any case like a murder or a mass shooting the killer didn't show any of the “tell tale signs” of being a killer or people see them just a bit too late. TV shows and movies display their murders in a psyco demeanor sometimes with mental illnesses or just angry at the world. When that isn't the matter in the real world, murderers are smart enough to hide their traits that make them seem like a killer. Nor is it ever possible to determine someone's mindset because of their past experiences and history. Grendel from Beowulf was a monster. When he heard laughing and joy, it would upset him to the point of going to Herot and commiting mass murder(Ckroon 2). In a sense, every killer, no matter who, goes through a similar experience that triggers them to want to kill.
Grendal from Beowulf is probably one of the best examples of a monster even though he is from a story. Grendal can be described to have “animal attributes and a grotesque, monstrous appearance” (Ckroon 2). Grendal is the monster that haunts the Halls of herot. He was jealous of the happiness that people would exhibit in the Mead hall. So when he would hear...

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