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Today's WarToday the world is a different place, and the war our country is fighting is different then those of the past. In today's war, the media is present broadcasting every event that occurs. This brings about many questions among the general public as seen recently with the photos released of the Iraqi prisoners. Many people have different views on this subject, but the public needs to be aware of these events. The photos shown of the Americans violating the Iraqis were horrible, but the public needs to be informed so appropriate measures can be taken.In past wars the media didn't broadcast every event like they do today. This does not mean that demoralizing events, like the recent photos, did not ever occur. In the Vietnam War, many events happened that were later frowned upon once the public was informed. Today the media is on the front line of the war, and the world is getting updated on the progress of the war on a day-to-day basis. This is a good, because the public can react and express their opinion on what is going on in Iraq.The American soldiers crossed the line when they publicly humiliated the Iraqi prisoners, and they should be held accountable for their actions. There are rules to war (the Geneva convention), and we must follow them to have success in this war. Even when the Iraqi's tortured our troops, as we have seen on video, we as Americans must do the right things...

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