Today's Youth Should Drink More Milk

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Youth across the United States have been suffering from many conditions caused by their lack of dairy intake. Just to list some of the reasons that youth are not drinking milk include: Drinking soda, energy, and other non-nutritious beverages; believing that milk is either unhealthy or disliking the taste. Youth need to be drinking the recommended three to four servings of cow’s milk daily. With this composition I am going to persuade youth to drink cow’s milk. I will do this by showing the negative conditions drinking cow’s milk will help prevent, and the positive conditions milk consumption will help achieve.

First I will tell you about the negative effects of neglecting to drink cow’s milk during adolescence. According to Dr. Heli Roy, LSU Agriculture Center nutritionist; youth with inadequate milk intake lack the essential nutrients to assure a strong bone calcification process in early life. Few other foods have an adequate amount of calcium (“Youth Need Milk for Strong Bones” par. 1). Milk is one of the most economical sources of calcium and protein available. With that in mind there is no other source for adolescents to derive what their growing bodies require with the same impact. According to researchers from Harvard and Tufts Universities it is not possible for adolescents to meet their calcium needs while meeting other nutritional requirements without consuming dairy products (“Adolescents with Dairy-free diets Fall Short on Calcium” par. 2).

Now that you understand the negative aspects of not drinking cow’s milk lets move on to the positive effects milk will help you achieve. Milk will help prevent such problems as; calcium deficiency, obesity, osteoporosis as well as lowering the risk of colon cancer (“The Bottom Line” par. 2). Another little known fact about the benefits of dairy consumption is oral health. Not only is the calcium in milk important for healthy teeth but also for preventing periodontal disease later in life. In fact, it is so helpful that some sources recommend at least 55 ounces or more of products containing lactic acid, stating that this will significantly lower one’s risk of periodontal disease and clinical attachment loss of gum tissue (“Want Healthy Gums? Hit the Dairy Aisle” par. 3). Even scarier is that periodontal disease can lead to more serious problems like heart disease and stroke.

Milk consumption will also help with the prevailing problem of teenage obesity. According to a new study released in the December 2008 Journal of American College of Nutrition found that adolescents who consumed closer to the recommended three to four servings of dairy foods per day had a lower body mass index (BMI) and less body fat than...

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