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Today’s Youths Inclination To Self Harm Essay

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Many teenagers are suffering a hidden pain in the privacy of their homes. They secretly cut, burn, scratch, pull hair, and bruise their bodies. The psychosis is termed non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI).Teenagers are feeling pressures from typical insecurities of low self-esteem, body image, fashion trends, bullying, pressures from friends, and family issues. As a result, teens are turning to the internet for strategies of how to deal with the pressures of life, making this topic more of a public enigma, than a private suffering issue. NSSI is a growing phenomenon and parents and psychologists should advocate safe internet sites, and force social media outlets to provide links for teens to ...view middle of the document...

Today teens are experiencing new peer pressures and behaviors on a much grander scale. The authors of, Self-Injury Among Early Adolescents, explains, that as teens mature they naturally move away from their parents, and therefore leaving themselves vulnerable to self-harm when exposed with their peer groups (Alfonso and Dedrick). As teens become engaged in the forums of the internet, they begin to be pressured to upload pictures of their own self-inflicted wounds. The teenager then feels obligated to keep producing more images to satisfy the online community. This adds to strengthen the ties of the online group.
Parents and psychologists need to work together, to provide children with networks that promote resources and knowledge of how to manage the difficulties teenagers face. The networks will have information to help teens to communicate their emotions, find new coping skills, and establish solid relationships that can help them overcome or avoid this dangerous behavior. Teaching children to engage in positive aspects of social media can incline them to report the images associated with self-injury and telling an adult when a friend is in need of help. Additionally, it would also be realistic to require social media sites to incorporate links to the newly created networks that provide teens that are suffering depression, anxiety, and stress with resources and help tips to see that there are better ways of coping. Successfully advertising the new networks would help to get the messages out to teenagers.
Another way to reach children is by having parents begin campaigns, much like the anti-bullying messages of today. When larger media...

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