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Today?s Family Families in America today are extremely different from a family forty years ago. In today?s society a family can consist of a one or two parent home, adoptive households, a grandparent could take on the role of a parent, and there are also same sex families. Families are also smaller in numbers. In the past, many children were born into one family, but today there are a smaller number of children born into a family.For many single parent homes either a mother or a father will raise their children by themselves. Being a single parent is no easy job. Money often becomes a big issue for a parent trying to raise their children by themselves. Only one source of income is brought into the home making it tough to get everything children need. Also having only one parent will exclude a mother or father role in a child?s life. For any child male or female both roles of mother and father are essential for a child to mature properly and to have both male and female views and lifestyles around them. These parental influences may affect children in a number of ways when they begin to become adults.Sometimes too often a grandparent may be introduced back into parenthood to support a child who has neither a mother nor father to support them. This situation is also a difficult one for the child and grandparent. For example when children get older they may want to know why things are the way they are or where their mother or father are. It is important for grandparents to talk to them and explain the situation and hope for the best. Most children accept reasons for they way things are better if communication with the grandparents is a part of their lives.Families today are also full of adopted children and foster parents. These families decide to adopt a child into their lives because of fertility issues or other reasons. Couples who decide to adopt children take extra care...

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