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Toddler Beauty Pageants Essay

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" The best part of beauty is which no picture can express." ( Francis Bacon Sr.)Even though toddler beauty pageants is served for political, educational, and entertaining events, the pageants should be banned from the united states until they reach the age of sixteen because young children are being bullied and study shows that kids who are active at that age can lead to depression and uncontrolable behavior. Seeing little girls prance around in tight clothes, high heels, and fake tans is just disgusting. people should be ashamed to put any kid through this. I hate to even see teens cover their faces with make-up on. Any type of pageants except all natural beauty is just wrong. Toddler beauty pageants are where little girls of all ages under sixteen goes in public and dress up like dolls and cover their faces up with unhealthy make-up. Pageants don't only affect your emotions, but your body image as well. If you want people to see you for who you really are don't put things on to make you look like someone else. Your risking your image on how people see you. For example if your ever passed in a store, you maybe unreconizable to them because people are used to seeing you with make-up on. Body image is suppose to be about how your own body looks not about how others want you to look. But some people say other wise about this. Either the mother, father, or both parents all over the united states put their children in toddler pageants. Pageants offer people helped benificial programs and scholarships. Families believe that this is, " A racial break through!" ( Children and beauty pageants) Meaning that they would start their child at a young age, giving them a higher chance to actually getting those things. As you sign your kid up for pageants they are told that it helps introduce face to faceless troubles of racism, handicap, and illness. Children recieve money and prize for performance. As Annette Hillstates said " Children beauty pageants are like extracurricular activities outside of school." ( Children and beauty pageants) Parents may have their own oppinion but I have mines. Many other people...

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