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Together For Energy Essay

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There is currently seven billion people living on Earth. According to the UN, Earth’s population will reach eleven billion by the end of this century. Undeveloped countries are slowly becoming more modernized due to globalization. The demand for energy is increasingly devouring fossil fuels day by day. What will happen when it is all gone? In order to survive and sustain a reasonable lifestyle with technology in the future, there must be a change to conserve these fossil fuels. Together, we can build a secure energy future.
Energy sustainability should be our main focus. We must accommodate the present’s essential needs while not harming the future’s. It is understood that the use of fossil ...view middle of the document...

A solar energy system when it is converted to useful energy provides free fuel and does not tie into the energy market. It is a clean alternative to fossil fuels which are polluting our air and water, threatening our health as a whole, and contribute a large portion to global warming. Our dependency on fossil fuels, which are becoming harder to find therefore more expensive, reduces when using solar energy and other types of renewable energy. Our dependency on fossil fuels means that the United States of America has to import a large portion of petroleum from other countries. This makes the United States of America vulnerable to foreign countries.
Why should we even bother to conserve fossil fuels? Why should we even bother to change our current lifestyle? We need to not only conserve fossil fuels but change our use of fossil fuels into renewable energy in order to have a secure energy future. If they are depleted then they will never be available for use again. The simple solution is using renewable energy. Although it seems like a simple solution there are many problems. Using renewable energy can be difficult at times because it is very affected by weather. Solar energy is difficult to harness without the sun shining and wind turbines can not work with no wind. Most of all, the technology used for harnessing the energy is ridiculously expensive which turns many people away. We need to focus on a way to reducing the prices or else it will never be used by the average person. The capacity is very limited compared to traditional sources and the amount of energy they produce.
One area we have not talked about is nuclear energy. This is a renewable, highly efficient provider of power....

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