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Toilet Paper.

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Persuasive PaperToilet paper is a material item that most people use. This paper has a big impact on our society. Not many people pay attention to how they put their paper on they just sort of throw it all together in a matter of seconds. One day I noticed that my paper was harder to get than normal, then I noticed that the beginning of the paper was hanging from the back of the roll instead of laying on it or hanging over the front. This startled me, I did not realize until then that you can put your toilet paper either the front or the back. I said to myself "This can not be, my paper is all wrong it should not be this way! (I made gestures)." So I have come to decide that having your toilet paper is better in the front of the roll compared to the back.When most people go to sit down on their toilet they expect their paper to be there. Well what if your paper was there and a good full amount was present but when you go to reach for it, it seems a little bit farther away, well this is because your paper may have been placed wrong. Lets think about this in a conservative way. If you have a small child then you will know what I mean, Little kids like to play with toilet paper, some even like to eat it! Well if you have your paper in the front it will make it harder for the child to pull more of the roll from its original state, as opposed to if you had your paper in the back, the kid could pull it so hard, tons of it will roll because of the...

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735 words - 3 pages 1. TIMING Timing is critical when determining if your child is ready to be potty trained. In most cases children are showing an interest in becoming potty trained between the ages of 18 months to 24 months old. During this process the parent should try to avoid using toilets that have the auto flush, which often times scare many children. In the event you find yourself having to use this particular type of toilet, consider covering the sensor

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744 words - 3 pages eventuate from reading such books.In today's society, the language that is heard from adolescents unfortunately is appalling to say the least. It is becoming almost commonplace to hear racist, sexist, derogatory or simply crass and vulgar language (toilet-talk). Such language can even be heard in everyday conversation.Only recently I was forced to change queues at a local grocery store, in order to escape an onslaught of profanities, which were

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868 words - 3 pages Toilet Paper Roll Every time I walk into a bathroom my eyes are always drawn to the same thing, the toilet paper roll. I check each time I enter a restroom to see whether the person who put the roll on actually took time to think about how to put it on or just merely threw it on any old way. To my dismay, I often find that people don't think about what they are doing when they put the toilet paper on the roll. If more people took the time to

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1459 words - 6 pages connected to an exhaust pipe via which the feces and urine are disposed off (CBC 1). This paper discusses various interesting facts about toilets such as history on invention and technological advancement in toilet making as well as the impact that toilets have had on the society. In addition, it sheds light on the inventions that made it possible to invent toilets. Ancient civilizations such as Mohenjo-daro and Harappa built toilets which were

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1212 words - 5 pages a fish from a hungry cat. It was passed and passed. Astha didn’t know anything about it; in fact she was happy because she was near to achieving her dream goal. Finally, this whole whisper or you can say the whole rumor became that ASTHA STOLE TOILET PAPER. Now Astha was a little confused because she didn’t really steal “Toilet Paper but she did indeed steal something. So basically, this rumor was partially correct. She didn’t utter a word. She

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996 words - 4 pages , partitions within the house are created by fusuma, sliding doors made from wood and paper, which are portable and easily removed. Fusuma seal each partition from top to bottom so it can create a mini room within the house. For large gatherings, these partitions are removed to create one large meeting room. During a normal day, partitions can create much smaller and more manageable living spaces. Therefore, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, and


620 words - 2 pages middle to create a window. Two holes were made on the top and sticking out of the holes were cardboard toilet paper roles. Inside the box was a small crucible containing hydraulic acid, ammonium hydroxide and directly under the toilet paper roll was a lit candle. The window was covered with plastic wrap so that nothing could escape.Analysis The candle was a heat source that sped up the movement of the molecules. The molecules were less dense

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609 words - 2 pages stopped dead in my tracks. I looked at the door handle to find there was grease and grime covering its entirety. Refraining from turning and running in the other direction, I reached in my purse and pulled out a tissue to open the door.I walked to the rear of the restaurant to wash my hands in the restroom before I ordered my Caesar salad. I opened the restroom door, but a pile of wet toilet paper blocked the entrance, so I got a running start and

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1621 words - 6 pages numerous trips up and down the staircase. My list of supplies consists of these items: a vacuum, pledge, a dust cloth, window cleaner, paper towels, a hamper or clothes basket, and some extra energy. I start by picking up all the dirty laundry and placing it in the basket or hamper. I also make sure all toys, trash, clothes or whatever else that has been hidden, is out from under the beds and dressers. If there are any clean clothes on the beds or

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973 words - 4 pages profit margin. Conversely, products with a high profit margin and volatile demand should have an agile supply chain (Van der Vorst). Modern managers may benefit from studying hybrid supply chains that are both lean and agile. Lean supply chains work best with products that sell in high volume and low variety (Christopher). The reason for this is clear when one considers a type of product meeting this criterion. Toilet paper sells in predictable

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788 words - 4 pages Has there ever been such a great invention that it changed everyday lives of people? A man from New York by the name of Joseph C. Gayette established a life changing invention in 1857 known as toilet paper. Since then he has caused one of the most argued topics on whether toilet paper should be put on the holder so that the end is over the top or coming out under the bottom. Millions of people have been putting it on the wrong way and it needs

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