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Conversely, the prime times for Hideki’s Japan began to run short. The US started to gain momentum, as their island-hopping campaign took flight. Tojo’s military changed from the side who were predominantly on the offense, to the defensive side. The nation of Japan possessed hundreds of islands, ranging in various sizes, and President Roosevelt and General MacArthur had devised a nimble, crafty plan to capture their islands and destroy the Japanese Empire. At first, Hideki Tojo did not think much of this minor threat, but it did not take long for him to come to the realization of the seriousness of American forces. The major turning point of the Pacific War arrived at the Battle of Midway in June 1942. Up until this point, the near-invincible Japanese navy held buckets of confidence after numerous victories in the Pacific. At Midway, Yamamoto and Tojo agreed to sending 165 of their 186 navy ships. They also made the choice to send all 8 of their aircraft carriers, and with the US only having a fleet of 26 ships and 2 aircraft carriers, the numbers could not be anymore in favor of the Asian country. At first, the US planes were all brought down with pure ease by the Japanese aircrafts, but Chester Nimitz’s last roll of the dice with a final air strike proved to be cataclysmic. In the space of 5 minutes, the US air force sank 3 of the Japanese’s priceless aircraft carriers. The next day, another one of their aircraft carriers sank due to ruinous damages suffered the night before. Tojo and Yamamoto initiated a state of panic, as half of their aircraft carriers were no more. Their enormous advantage had decreased. Unfortunately for them, the pain had only just begun. In early 1943, the support for Tojo’s infamous government gradually faded. The public no longer held confidence in the visions of Tojo’s empire, which was weakening by the day. The island-hopping campaign had become organized beyond the expectations of the Japanese military, and as America moved closer to mainland Japan, bombing raids reduced much of Japan into rubble. In February 1944, Tojo gained the rank of commander-in-chief of the General staff, which pretty much gave him absolute dictatorial powers. Still, his political status could not be maintained, for a downward spiral started to spin. As a person, Tojo turned into a far grouchier man, who became more obsessed with his reputation than the thousands of soldiers fighting under him. Many soldiers had believed that Tojo had lost sight of his goals, and had developed a selfish image, as the true intentions of his power started to seep through. For all the families who had lost lives to the Japanese war effort, and who had taken such extreme sacrifices, such as committing Hari Kari, in devotion to their country, the recent failure was inexcusable. The general public were furious with the work of Tojo, and to top it off, Emperor Hirohito, or Showa as he was known in Japan, had lost his backing in the Prime Minister. Showa believed...

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