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Tok Essay: Do Questions Like "Why Should I Be Moral?" Or "Why Shouldn't I Be Selfish?" Have Definitive Answers, As Do Some Questions In Other Areas Of Knowledge?

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Moral questions are always hard to explain. Philosophers spend their whole life trying to conclude things but end up with ultimately different theories. Thus, some may say that there is no definitive answer to moral questions. However, I believe that everything has connections, either questions like "1+1" or moral questions like "why shouldn't I be selfish?" They depend on the ways which people look at it, the axioms they set before coming up with the questions. However, having a definitive answer to these questions does not make the questions more or less important; the importance is the process and the methods that we used for finding the answers.Areas of knowledge in the TOK diagram is made up by 6 elements which are Natural Science, Art, Social Science, Math, History and Ethics which we are now focusing on. The 6 areas of knowledge seem to be quite different from each other, yet, they all interrelate, or in someway, similar to one another.In the movie "A Beautiful Mind ", when John Nash was proposing to Alicia, she asked him a tricky question that was "how big is the universe" John's answer was "infinite". However, Alicia was not satisfied with this response so she said "How do you know?" and with no difference to most mathematicians answer, he said, "Because all the data indicate it." Alicia then retorted "But it hasn't been proven yet, you haven't seen them, how do you know for sure?" John stopped for a little while and said "I don't, I just believe." This example shows that human beings like to assume. When we want to find out something, we always first assume some other things to be true or constant like in Economics that we deal with ceteris paribus which "assume all other things are held equal, or constant, except those under study" . In this way, mankind came up with axioms which are certain assumptions and definitions we take without questions . We are told and taught to be moral since we can remember things. "Stealing is bad" and "Helping people is good" seem to be the axioms of ethics. We accepted it with no doubt at the age we can merely murmuring even though there was no proof. There is almost no one who questions the authenticity of axioms seeing that these are the basis of all the theories and deductions in our daily life and they are learnt, accepted and rooted in people's mind. Analogous to the ethical axioms, mathematics axioms seem to have the same effects on its field. In Euclid geometry, there is a so called parallel postulate which states that "for every line AB and point C outside AB, there is only one line through C that does not meet AB" . People hardly doubt it and it's an axiom which is used widely. Lots of theories are deducted from this axiom with some other mathematical rules. In this way, to the question "why don't two parallel lines intersect?" we say that "two parallel lines do not intersect" which is a mathematical axiom, then, we get a definitive answer. Similarly, to the question "why should I be moral?" we...

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