Tolerance Can Enlighten Our Lives Essay

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It's understandable that all the people around the world deserve equal rights and opportunities. In addition, as human beings we are supposed to have peaceful likeness for other human beings. This is what makes us human and keeps the world in stability. Let me remind you some sentences which will give vitality to what it is said above ''all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in the spirit of brotherhood.'' Those who think and contribute reasonably for the human welfare or well-being also have realized the precious message within these divine sentences. For those who are preoccupied to demonstrate superiority over the people who they consider inferior are lost within these sentences. They don't even try to accept the truth of these lines because their heart and mind is poison with words such as, superior, inferior, racism, minorities, prejudices and stereotypes. There is no rational aim within the thought of not showing tolerance for human diversity. We are aware that God have created different nationalities, races, religions, beliefs and this is what makes us be different one from another. Furthermore, we should not perceive these distinctions as a threaten element but as a lesson which will teach us to identify and respect each other. In some places where the distinction between two nationalities, religion groups, or races are considered as destructive appearances makes the people suffer. So, not showing tolerance at different distinctions among people in the society will lead us to a gradual destruction. That's why I think that if tolerance is involved in the social and educational system can contribute to improve the situation among diverse societies. This can be accomplished through a lot of mechanisms. I'll try to elaborate just a few of them.First of all, if you want to comprehend the encouraging power of the tolerance, than it's required to occupy it within the circle of education. This will help the population to built constructive attitudes towards the others. Through these positive attitudes the society will participate in social, cultural, and economical development. This could be achieved when education will find appropriate settings for the learners who need to learn the culture, religion, customs, and mentality of the other party. Lessons for the tolerance should be included within every subject in the primary and secondary schools. In addition, those lessons should be related with these subjects in a way of which the curriculum to be understandable and acceptable for the learners. For illustration, if we take the subject of History we can say that it's helpful not to concentrate the students so much with the wars happened in the past. We can give them knowledge about the main events in the history and than to let them explore suggestions for peace which are made to stop the wars. Also, the teachers can make possible for them to...

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