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Tolerance Of Civil Liberties Essay

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The two articles I read both have to do with measuring political tolerance in civil liberties. The first was entitled “Trends in Political Tolerance” by James Gibson and the second entitled, “Does Knowledge of Constitutional Principles Increase Support for Civil Liberties? Results from a Randomized Field Experiment”, by Donald Green. While the first article looks into the trends over the last half century the second one focuses on randomized experiment to test the impact.

In the article “Trends in Political Tolerance” by James Gibson there isn’t exactly a research question that he is trying to answer but there is certain trend that he is trying to follow. That trend would be the ...view middle of the document...

I would also break the results down further. Gibson explains that the individuals chosen for the survey were of different ages and educational levels. The results should have been broken down accordingly.

“Does Knowledge of Constitutional Principles Increase Support for Civil Liberties? Results from a Randomized Field Experiment”, by Donald Green is an updated version of the first article. Green takes the first study and adds to it. The purpose of his study was to see if the claim that education has an impact on political tolerance is true. In order to support this claim he interviews roughly one thousand students, 59 classroom, and 10 different schools at random that had widely varying socioeconomic characteristics.

Green came to the conclusion that education does have an impact. I do not believe that this article has any problems. I agree with Green’s conclusion because he added exactly what I felt was missing in the first article. The only change I would make would be to break the results down by age as well. He also comes to the conclusion that his central substantive finding is subject to multiple interpretations. Since the study is open to multiple interpretations each analysis can suggest a somewhat different line of follow-up research.

I believe that the second article is much better than...

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