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John Ronald Reuel Tolkien was a very imaginative author. It all began in the earlier days of his life. He then went on to become a very accomplished author and well respected. Last, his books had and still have a huge influence on our society. J.R.R. Tolkien obtained his love for writing from his mother.First, J.R.R. Tolkien was the first-born son of Arthur and Mabel Suffield Tolkien. Tolkien was born on January 3, 1892, in Bloemfontein, South Africa. A servant of young Tolkien's parents once kidnapped Tolkien because the servant wanted to his friends a white baby. The servant ended up giving his son the middle name "Mister Tolkein" as an apology for kidnapping the young child (Tolkien 17). His father was a bank manager and died when Tolkien was four years old (Masterplots). He then moved to a town near Birmingham, England with his mother and his brother. The countryside in England made a huge impact on him and later become the location of his fantasy world in his books (Masterplots). The first teacher had had was his mother from who he gained his love of language and fantasy (Masterplots). Tolkien's mother taught him everything she knew: Latin, French, drawing and music. Tolkien loved the Latin language and he loved to draw, as well. Even Tolkien himself says that he got his love of story telling from his mother (Tolkien 19). His mother died when he was at the young age of twelve years old. He was then raised by Father Francis Xavier Morgan, a Roman Catholic Priest who was friends with Tolkien's mother (Masterplots). J.R.R. Tolkien has his family taken away from him very early in his life.Next, his schooling advanced his love for languages by introducing him to more knowledge of languages. During his grade school years at King Edward VI, Tolkien had picked up much more Latin, some Greek and had learned Middle English and Anglo-Saxon, which is Old English (Tolkien 19). Needless to say, Tolkien was very smart when it came to languages. An example of his genius is one day during a Latin debate at King Edwards, Tolkien began to speak Gothic, a language only documented in a sixteenth century Bible (Tolkien 42). The genius part was that he taught it to himself from a book thrown away by one of his friends. More examples of his genius some from his very own languages, which he made up (Tolkien 42). His first language was called Nevbosh, the New Nonsense, which he and his cousin used between themselves. His second language was based on Spanish and was called naffarin. The last language he mad was Quenya. It was based off of Finnish Grammar where one word of Finnish could be a phrase in our language. An example, the word "Falmalinnar"...

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