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Tom Jones Is A Great Novel Of English Literature

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Tom Jones is a great novel of English Literature

Tom Jones is a great novel of English Literature; it presents a
dilemma raised in a humorous way. The 18th century masterpiece
develops in the countryside of England at the village-like place of
Summerset. Sexual temptations, moral assumptions, and unique
characters make the story as captivating a creative painting from
Picasso. Most important; the character of Tom Jones is very
identifiable for his realistic approaches, sexual adventures, and
heroic actions.

The novel tells the story of a bastard child found by a wealthy man
with great heart: Squire Allworthy, ”the lord of the country manor”(Tom
Jones the novel play, 1963). He found this infant in the sheets of his
bed one night as he prepared to sleep. This is of course Tom Jones. As
a growing kid, Tom gets himself in trouble all the time with the
unwelcome help of Master Blifil (Allworthy’s sister’s son with evil,
greedy Captain Blifil). Tom is a child of great heart and passion.
However, anything Tom ever does seems wrong and punishable because
Blifil and his two professors, who also hate Tom are always on the
lookout for his vulnerable actions. Tom is best friends with Sophia
Western, the blonde, lovely daughter of the next-door neighbors. She
and Tom play together all the time as kids while Blifil tries making
their lives miserable. In fact, one time Master Blifil freed Sophia’s
parrot just to gain the grownups’ acceptance of him as a wildlife
defender and also get revenge from Tom who had given Sophia the bird.

As a young man, Mr. Jones is a handsome, brave, and amazingly generous
gentleman with a hearty sexual appetite for women. His blonde hair
divides into two parts in the middle of the skull and almost covers
his ears completely. The green eyes and fit body make him very
attractive to women. He secretly gets involved with the gamekeeper’s
daughter, Molly Seagrim, who becomes pregnant and is humiliated by the
people in town because she isn’t married. When Tom...

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