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Tom Sawyer Essay

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Tom sawyer is a book written by Mark Twain. This story represents the typical adventure of a nice boy from the south of The United States. The story tells us about what and why Thomas Sawyer thinks and acts in different ways.
Tom sawyer lives with Aunt Polly, Mary (Polly´s daughter) and Sid, his brother he was a calm boy. Tom is a mischievous kid. His aunt knows the behaviors of tom and she know that he have a good intentions but the other people sometimes don’t thing in this way, the book want to show a typical boy and all the memories that he can carry in his childhood.
One of the characteristically situation in the book is when he began to pain the big fence, this for a punishment Tom was fighting with a new boy, but also in this occasion Tom know how obtain his desire, so first he hoax Jim, a boy who work for the family, he offers to Jim a free water for pain the fence and Tom get what he want, the next person who hoax is Ben Rogers, Tom make him seem that painting is a funny thing and something that not is easy for a common person, we can say that the man will desire something if it is not easy to get and Tom understand that in a perfection. In this fragment of the story we can obtain an important information of the story for the example that he was cleverest that other boy in the same age range we also can see that when he lie the teacher in the Sunday School, he pretended to know a two thousand verses.
Tom as a smart boy he act as he is sick all that for doesn’t go to church, he is a boy that doesn’t like to wear shoes and good cloth, and I can imagine how the aunt suffers with tom like nephew. Tom also have the reputation of be fall in love easily, that the case of the eternal love with Becky and Amy Lawrence, Tom show us the smug that he is because he loves that the people recognize and admire him.
Our favorite adventure was when Huck and Tom escape from the house and they went to the cemetery to grave a cat and when they were there they saw Joe, Indian and Muff Potter, The...

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