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Toms Shoes: All Children Should Have Shoes

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I am going to write about TOMS Shoes. I will tell you about TOMS, what they sell, furthermore when and how this company started. You will also learn how they are environmentally and globally responsible. I will explain how they are different from any other shoe company I have ever heard of, and why I would like to be a TOMS shoes employee. I will also discuss some negative views of this company.
TOMS Shoes manufactures and sells shoes under the idea of “One for One” which is for every pair of shoes they sell they give a pair of shoes to a child in need. TOMS also sells eye wear under the “One for One” model, for every pair of eye wear sold TOMS will help restore eye site to another person via eye exams, surgery, or prescription eye glasses.
Blake Mycoskie founded TOMS in 2006. He was originally going to call the company Shoes for Tomorrow, buy a pair of shoes today and we will give a pair of shoes to a child tomorrow. Because of the length of the name he later shortened it to TOMS. The idea to start a for-profit company that could provide shoes to children in need came to him when he was in Argentina. He met some volunteers who told him they were there to give shoes to children. He was intrigued and went with them. There he befriended some children and witnessed firsthand the hardships they faced due to lack of foot wear. He saw that shoes not only protect those little feet from blisters and getting cuts that get infected but they also prevent foot infections, and diseases that can penetrate the skin through bare feet such as ring worm and podoconiosis a very painful disease caused from walking barefoot on volcanic soil. Shoes also are part of a school uniform, therefore if a child doesn’t have shoes they cannot go to school. He also observed that children with shoes had more self-esteem and pride.
He then came up with the idea of “One for One”. It was easy mathematics and simple for everyone to understand; therefore harder to screw up. “One for One” has now become a movement.
The reasons Mr. Mycoskie did not want to start a non-profit company was. First, a non-profit company is always relying on donations. He knew that there are many more children in need of shoes then there ever would be enough donations to provide for them. Secondly Mr. Mycoskie knew that if he took the money he had, which he planned to use to start his company, and he bought thousands of shoes instead he could put shoes on the feet of thousands of children. But when those shoes were all gone that would be the end. Therefore when there is a need to be given repeatedly, a for-profit source is needed. Non-profit is however more suited to providing for short term or one time giving. So instead he stayed in Argentina and learned from the people there how to make shoes. He then took the shoes he made back home to USA and began TOMS Shoes.
He and three people worked in his apartment making and selling shoes. His goal was to sell and give 250 pairs of shoes. They only used...

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