Tone Analysis For The Prince Of Tides (This Essay Talks About The Peaceful Yet Remorseful Attitude Shown By The Author In The Story.)

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In the excerpt, Prince of Tides by Pat Conroy, a boy explains how he gained respect for the land after killing the last eagle in the county. His story is wonderfully told, making the reader have a respect for the land, also. The narrator expresses his feelings of peacefulness and remorse in his work.Conroy's diction displays his feelings of remorse and peacefulness. For example, "heat" is the pressure he was under after killing the eagle, yet at the time he hadn't realized the enormity of his mistake. The nervousness of being around his classmates after doing something that horrific, and having to show his wrong by the wearing of feathers gave him a constant reminder. That alone ...view middle of the document...

Tides are a sense of calmness and fill us with peace. White sand beaches go along with tides, showing that the color of peace, white, is showing somewhere. Conroy uses a powerful choice of words to describe his experience.The details in this excerpt are not to be overlooked for they show the passion this passage represents. For example, killing a deer at the age of seven is an event that can be traumatizing for some. Most children would recoil at the thought of killing "Bambi". The author describes his early hunting experiences as routine, almost mundane. He also shows a sense of pride in his ability to provide for his family at such a young age. Yet, since hunting for survival, he is all right to have killed. But, when the eagle's "exhilarating beauty of its solitary flight" is described, it shows that the author has beauty and peacefulness on his mind. Somehow the bird knows it's going to die. The solitary flight seems to foreshadow his solitary end. Knowing he will be soon gone, the eagle is peaceful. Furthermore, when he says, "all eagles are safe from me," he shows both a feeling of peacefulness and remorse. He knows his actions were wrong but knowing he won't do it again gives him peace from within. Being safe can set anyone at peace. Conroy's passionate choice of diction shows that even when peace hangs over all, there can still be a feeling of remorse inside.Conroy taught us that we should be respectful of all animals and hunting for pleasure can have huge consequences. He learned that killing can leave a molting trail of wrong behind us. Life is sacred and shouldn't be destroyed for pleasure.

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