Tone And Attitude Of "The Life You Save May Be Your Own, " Flannery O'connor

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In "The Life You Save may be Your Own," Flannery O'Connor descriptively characterizes the battles within oneself with the characters of Mrs. Crater, Tom Shiftlet, and Lucynell Crater. The realistic and truthful tones of their actions suggest that through personal obstacles and flaws, triumph can be obtain by being truthful. All three characters of the story are realistic and truthful in a different way.Mrs. Crater could be considered the most truthful character in the entire story. She does not avoid the truth of her daughter's mental capacity and understands that most men would not even consider Lucynell marriageable. Her grasp of this truth allows for her realistic approach to Mr. Shiftlet and her proposal of the car to him for his acceptance of Lucynell. She expresses her knowledge of Shiftlet's distaste openly. With her candid acknowledgement, she is able to be frank with others and able to acquire her goal for her daughter. The realistic and truthful nature of this woman creates the opportunity that her preparations of many years meet.Tom Shiftlet's inability to be as truthful as Mrs. Crater descends him into something that he does not want to be. His unrealistic desire for both the car and for his freedom creates a major dilemma that he cannot fix justly. He is forced to abandon Lucynell at a roadside diner, because he cannot live without his freedom and wants to keep the car that was in exchange for his lifelong care to her. His dishonesty to himself...

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