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Tone And Theme Essay

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Most teenage students, when given the option, will choose not to share their opinions with their class. This is due to the fact that most teens are self conscious and afraid of being wrong. Once a student becomes confident in themselves they can grow as a student and as a person. Confidence is a key factor in any type of personal growth, no matter who it is. In the short story “Celeste's Heart” author, Aida Bortnik, generates a reflective tone, through diction and characterization, to show that self confidence is necessary for personal growth.
Bortnik introduces a reflective tone through diction. When Celeste is putting her younger brother to bed, she begins to visualize what school will be like for him. The narrator tells readers, “she suddenly imagined him in the middle of the school yard, with his arm stretched out...tense, feeling cold and angry and afraid”(65). The word “imagined” from the quote creates a reflective tone. It shows that Celeste is thinking about how her brother's school experience will affect him. And what could happen if she does not attempt to make a change. When revealing Celeste's inner most thoughts, the authors word choice successfully creates a reflective tone.
In addition, the authors characterization of Celeste indicates a reflective tone. Readers are able to develop a better insight on who Celeste is as a person, by the way the author relays Celeste's thoughts to readers. While talking to her younger brother the narrator tells readers, “She sat down and hugged him for a while, as she used to do every time she realized how little he was, how little he knew”(65). In this description, the way in which Celeste perceives her younger brother characterizes her as nurturing and motherly. By knowing what Celeste is thinking readers are able to see who she truly is. The author, through the characterization of Celeste, conveys a...

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