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Running head: TOO BIG TO FAIL 1TOO BIG TOO FAIL 6Too Big To FailAnthony ThomasDeVry UniversityPrewritingWhat is your narrowed topic? Be detailed in your answer. You can use any of the versions you've developed for prior assignments.The U.S. banking system is becoming more complex and smaller, putting the financial industry at risk making too big to fail more accurate. Five U.S. banks have become so big, that the effects of these big banks have a global reach and will have a global impact.Who is your primary audience or reader? Why? Be detailed in your answer about your audience.My primary audience will be individual with post graduate degrees, bachelor's degrees and high school graduates that have an interest in the U.S. economy and political events. The reason that I have chosen these individuals is that the direct effects of what the big banks are doing can personal affect them financially.My secondary audience will be my professor and fellow students. Because the information I provide will help keep the informed of what is happeningIn a sentence or short paragraph, what is your thesis statement, including your angle? Write what will appear in your essay.My thesis stamen : A solution in preventing banks from growing too big to fail would be to tax them or better known as tax reform.What topic sentences will you use as the foundation of your communication? (If necessary, add more points.)Big banks are interconnected they are in the rest of the economy.Banks have become "more powerful and more dangerous.U.S. Regulators deem certain financial as Systemically Important Financial Institutions.Tax Reform Act a solution.What method of organization and development will you use to develop your paragraphs?Introduction:The organization development method that I plan to use is the cause and effect method. With cause and effect the topic Too Big To Fail will explain the reason of the 2008 finical crises and I will be able to disrobe the results of effect.Body:Big banks are interconnected they are in the rest of the economy.In this paragraph I will address how the size of the bank is not the issue, it's how the banks are interconnected and globally and should they fail it would cause a ripple effect.Banks have become "more powerful and more dangerous.In this paragraph supporting detail will come from Senator Elizabeth Warren warring Congress & U.S Regulators that banks are more dangerous today than back in 2008.U.S. Regulators deem certain financial as Systemically Important Financial Institutions.In this paragraph I explain what Systemically Important Financial Institutions and what it meansTax Reform Act a solution.This paragraph will discuss how tax reform can end subsidies to banks and force them shrink.Conclusion:History has a way of repeating the 19129 stock market crash was repeated again in 2008. Both in 1929 and in 2008 we saw unemployment, people losing their savings. The difference in 1929 it was bank deposits and in 2008 it was retirement...

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