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In high school, my English teacher asked the class an interesting question: “What is the biggest problem in the world today?” The question seemed easy until lots of ideas came to my mind, such as world hunger, global warming, corrupt politics, war threats, unemployment rates, and even natural disasters. The actual answer was simply one word: “money.” Many problems account for the answer “money,” such as the unequal distribution of wealth, the government’s inadequate regulation on spending, or the excessive printing of paper money, but the most profound one that I encounter after moving to Davis concerns inflation. Whether you are a full-time student with a fixed amount of money or a ...view middle of the document...

Even then, the prices for these are still outrageous. At Davis, Cup Noodles costs $1.29 each, and no where will you find it sold in boxes, compared to those in San Francisco, where a box of twenty-four costs $6.98 or individually, 33 cents. If the shop managers want to retain the same amount of profit, they will have to sell a box for $25, which is ridiculously high and will freak the customers out. Some might argue: “at least you can still fill up your stomach with fewer than 5 dollars, or 4 cup of noodles.” But, who wants to eat ramen four times a day?
Charging customers excessively is not the only concern; most stores here are only oriented towards profit, which lead to their lack of concern for customers’ needs. Stores refuse to sell common items in larger packages (thus cheaper) so that they can profit more. As a result, not only do we lose lots of money and have to shop frequently to restock, but shopping has also become very inconvenient and annoying. For instance, I have to wait for the cashier to scan 20 individual cup-of-noodles and 5 tooth brushes, only to find out that I do not want to pay that amount, or I do not have enough money. In addition, the stores tend to sell products from unfamiliar brands for high prices in an attempt to lure customers into buying expensive, new, and unacquainted products. When I went shopping for hair gel, I had to either buy a travel-sized hair gel from a popular brand for $3 (which will only last for about a week) or an unpopular brand, normal sized bottle for $12. Another example of the lack of concern for customers’ needs includes the “mandatory” process of registering an account in order to buy items for “cheaper” or enjoy the membership benefits that the store offers. At other cities, when customers refuse to sign up for these “benefits”, they can still have pleasant shopping experiences. However, if you do not sign up for membership here, you are simply throwing your money away. Overtime, you will become infuriated and desperately hope for change in the city of Davis.
Even though I stay at a public institution, I get the impression that private businesses, whose inevitable nature is to aim for profit, occupy the surrounding. In...

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