Too Much Convenience? Essay

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The answer to the question of whether society places too much value on convenience is an easy one, yes. It’s plain to see in the steady deterioration of our minds and bodies. Lack of stimulation is slowly reducing our ability to interact with rather and take care of ourselves. We as a society can no longer survive without the aid of internet, cellphones, kitchen appliances, and other modern amenities.
Think about it, when was the last time you physically touched, or even witnessed the touching of, a physical dictionary? I myself can attest that although I am currently student in a high school with a perfectly functioning library, I have never come close the books within it. As a matter of fact the only reason I have ever ventured into that abandoned testament called "the library” is to print things for class. Why would I bother to go looking through a book when I can ask Google, Siri and just about anything I need to know. More ...

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