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In our society today, media is one of the most influential mediums present in the American youth ages 8-18. Kids spend around seven and a half hours a day consuming media in some way, not including texting and talking on the phone. Moreover that doesn’t include the time they are spending multitasking between media sources. Tamar Lewin’s article is directly connected to the results provided by the research study with the goal to objectively make the results public. Kids spend more time engaged in media than they do any other activity proven by kids ability to multitask and the idea that media has become part of their environment.
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The research study was the only purpose for writing this article, without the study the article wouldn’t exist.
Study Details
The research study was set out to give understanding and show the actual amount of media consumption by kids on a daily basis. The Kaiser Family Foundation study’s hypothesis included, the more influence the parents had on their child’s media behavior, than smaller the amount of media that child consume. The study includes an immense national sample from more than two thousand kids from across the United States. The study itself is based off of kids, ranging from ages 8 to18, to track the changes from childhood up through the teenage years. According to the study, “The sample was obtained using a stratified, two-stage national probability sample. At stage one, schools were randomly selected and at stage two, grades and classes were randomly selected to participate. Data from the survey are weighted to ensure a nationally representative sample of students, (Rideout et al., 2010).” Another methods of capturing information included gathering deeply detailed information about kid’s media behavior, along with responses to additional comprehensive written questionnaire done by the entire youth sample. On top of that, results from a smaller subsample of about 700 respondents who provided weeklong diaries reporting their media use in half-hour segments. The results from the research study were very eye opening and suggested that media is one of the biggest influences in kids lives. “Young people spend approximately seven hours and thirty-eight minutes using media, daily, (Rideout et al., 2010).” The study also contained results on the different media mediums, effects on gender, trends overtime, and grade variations with heavy media consumption.
Lewin’s article was able to objectively present the data provided by the research study publicly, enabling people to understand media consumption by kids. The article and the research study themselves did not seem to be biased...

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