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Too Much Stress In Today's Children

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Have you ever seen what stress can do to a kid? It can turn the nicest kid into an aggressive and hateful person. As told stress has a huge effect on people these days, comes in many forms and levels. The very first form of stress is, “Acute stress is the most common form of stress. It comes from demands and pressures of the recent past and anticipated demands and pressures of the near future.”() The second type of stress is episodic stress which is frequent acute stress and is caused (). Then there finally is chronic stress that can wreck the person physically and mentally (). It is caused by people who were in a miserable situation and can’t find a way out of it. All these stresses can take their tolls on people but children in general take it the worst, because they are not mentally equipped to handle it yet. Have you ever wonder why kids can seem so stressed on days. Well it’s because,” the pressure to excel, couple with the turmoil of puberty and exposure to negative influences via internet and their peers is surely a potent recipe for a mental meltdown”(ling) and overall you have to wonder even more, what effect does this have on kids? There are many long term and short term effects that can be give in to kids under stress.

So, we all have to wonder what causes kids to have this stress. A child’s stress can come from school. This stress can come from the need to succeed and score high, because in the world today there are such high standards. Especially, when it comes to colleges. Another, cause of stress parents and the people around them. Parents can cause stress from being worried and so concerned for school. They can also stress them by proxy. By this I mean that if a parent is over stressed then it can rub off on to the kids like a bad cold. People in general can cause stress on kids from pressure and simple things. One way people cause stress is giving a kid a job that they work hard to do and then taking it away because they make a mistake. You may not think this is stressful to a kid, but the kids keep wondering how they did something so bad that make you take the job away. That can stress someone out and overall these are just a few causes of stress that have a big impact on kids.

To begin, let’s talk about what some of the long term effects are of kids with under stress. To start off lets go to the worst effect that comes from stress. A kid under stress at a young age can cause people to feel as though they have lost everything and don’t have anything to live for like Ishmael Beah, who was a child solider in sierra Leon (Beah 167). This is probably one of the most painful from of stress. Especially after he got out and start to see what he had done,” The more I spoke about my experience to ester, the more I began to cringe at the gruesome details, even though I didn’t let her know that.”(Beah 166). Another, long term effect of stress is loss of faith, which Elie Wiesel experience after going through the holocaust...

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