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When my parents were my age, it was normal to get married because they were not stupid enough to get married just because they wanted to. Nowadays young adults get married just because they feel lonely and they want somebody to cuddle with at night. Our generation is so messed up that some of them get married just because they think that if they have someone special that is going to make them happy. Some people get married just because they think they are going to last forever and live happy for their rest of their lives. They think that is a fairy tale like how they make it look in the movies shown on the Disney channel. People should really think about what they are going to do because marriage is a huge step. Although there is no law that states what age someone can get married, I think that getting married younger than twenty-five can be a terrible mistake because the couple is probably immature, not stable and not committed.
The first reason why people should not get married younger than twenty-five years older is because they are too immature. Marriage is great, especially if it is with somebody with whom it is worth spending the rest of their lives. It is not a good idea to get married that young because most of the people of the age have not grown up yet. Most twenty-year olds want to party, enjoy life and have a good time, especially if they are in college. They just want to live it up and go crazy. People need a few years of experience so they can be prepared for marriage since they might be used to being single. Some men tend to have a hard time giving up the “single life” to commit to one woman. While others like to explore around and try different things and oftentimes they sleep around. For instance, Lester, who was born and raised in New York, joined the Army not long ago. Lester joined the Army because he dropped out of college; the Army was his last resource if he wanted to make it out of his house and out of New York. Since he was in the Army many financial doors opened up for him and he took advantage of that. The only problem was that he took too many things out and he quickly falls behind. He knew that he needed more money and the only way for him to get more money was if he marries someone. So he married a Jamaican girl that needed the United States citizenship so she could stay in the United States. Both of them are going to benefit from having an arranged marriage, but they did not think about the consequences of their decision. Marriage is a big decision and the couple got married because they were going to get something in exchange of their deal. Lester and his wife only lasted about a year; after that they filed for divorce and his wife went back to her country.
Also twenty-five-year olds are unstable financially, and they should not get married younger. Maybe they have not accomplished their goals or the dreams they have. Getting married could slow a couple down from accomplishing their goals; they could also get...

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