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Depression In Late Adults:
Throughout life you experience different stages of life. Right after going through mid-life crisis you eventually hit late adulthood. Within late adulthood, you start to ponder back on your life and reevaluate it. You start to see all the things you once wish you have done. This is a time to take that step and do the things that you weren’t able to before. Old age is defined as the age of an individual approaching or beyond the average lifespan of humans. In addition, mental health is vital in the management of the condition. In relation to this, this paper will discuss old age depression in the aging process of the elderly.
Old age depression causes the elderly to lose interest in various activities, to struggle with feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. Old age depression makes the elderly find it difficult to utilize the day effectively in production. Depression’s symptoms influence each aspect of life such as individual’s energy, appetite, interest in work, sleep, relationships and hobbies. Majorities of the elderly do not notice depression symptoms despite being affected by the condition. As a result, they do not seek psychological or medical attention to manage the situation. Which may cause it to worsen and lead to other health problems. Depression can be linked to anxiety, low blood pressure, and several other problems.
Testing for depression should be done every 2 years once you pass the age of 50. By providing assessment it will help catch depression in the elderly before it expands. Clearly people face changes such as death of loved ones, retirement, increased segregation or medical problems they approach old age. The elderly are sometimes not aware that they are depressed. These challenges cause late-life depression, a condition that if left untreated it can cause more damage besides an individual’s mood. Depression has various effects on the elderly, which include weakening in physical and mental health, memory and concentration impairment and prevent the old from enjoying life. Depression can be avoided and is not natural in old age. Although, one may think so.
Another time testing for depression should be considered is if you notice a senior with drinking problems. Depressed seniors are more likely to...

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