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Tools And Techniques: Check Sheets. Essay

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Downtime to an organization means loss of profit if production schedules can not be maintained at levels expected for profitability. To introduce my paper I will focus on the use of check sheets by organizations as a management tool.Organizations mainly use check sheets as a tool for reducing or eliminating downtime (Bothe, 2001, para. 1). Machines, computers, copiers, or other pieces of equipment invariability break down or fail. Anticipating or eliminating breakdowns or failures can mean not only a cost-savings in terms of downtime but in profitability too. To anticipate or eliminate downtime organization often use check sheets as management tools.Check sheets are columnar forms, designed by the user, to gather data to affect the usefulness of the information being sought. Check sheets are most often effective when recording data that involves counting, classifying, or locating materials (Juran, 1990, para. 1). There are various types of forms which a check sheet can take on, each often dependant upon what type of data and what type of organization is using the data. First there is the tally chart. Most often used to tally or count occurrences in which an event happened or did not happen. Most often used by production line organizations. Secondly is the location plot, which simply is diagramming a picture of an item which is being examined, most often for flaws or defects, and plotting out where the flaws or defects occur on the diagram. Most often used in the textile or manufacturing organizations. Thirdly is the check list, which is used to indicate items which have been completed instead of counting problems. This tool is especially helpful in simplifying documentation. Most often used by design firms or organizations. Lastly is the process distribution chart, which charts out performance of processes to be analyzed as the processes build. This form provides instant feedback rather than waiting for analyzing at a later time. Most often used by production line organizations (Straker, 1990, p. 11).Once an organization has determined which method of check will best measure the organizations needs then the check sheet is designed for collection of data. The check sheet, regardless of the type chosen, should be easy to use from the standpoint of both collecting the data as well as analysis later. Examples of unique identifiers would be fields for dates, batch numbers, listing operators, number of occurrences of events, and minimum or maximum of acceptance of a variable. As developing a check sheet management must also consider allowing adequate space for marking the data points, as mistakes can easily occur when spacing is limited. Another key consideration is contact details of whom to ask in case of questions. Since data is being reported, data should not be subject to personal interpretation. The next step in using the check sheet and determined method of data...

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