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Tools Of The Trade. Speaks Of Geoffrey Chaucer

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Geoffrey Chaucer was an author of the 12th century. Chaucer is known as the father ofEnglish poetry. He wrote Canterbury Tales which is a collection of narrative short stories writtenin verse. 'The Pardoners Tale is among the more popular of these varied tales. It is told by apardoner who uses the story to preach against those who are blastfamous and gluttonous. In anodd twist, after he tells the story he trys to sell others counterfiet relics. In this short story aboutgreed, disrespect and death Chaucer utilizes three important literary tools personification, irony,andsymbolism.In the tale by Chaucer Personification is utilized on the character of Death. When a youngboy is asked what happened to a man who had just died he responds in saying 'There came asneaking thief that men call Death, who slays all the people in this country, and with his spear hestruck his heart in two, then went his way without saying another word.' They show there feelingsby pledging to each other to murder death. 'Let each of us hold up his hand to this false traitorDeath. He that slays so many shall be slain himself before nightfall.'In 'The Pardoners Tale' personification is employed to make Death a person instead of aprocess. Death is given human characteristics to make him more real to us. This tool allows themain characters to focus their feelings.With the use of personification the three men are allowed tofocus their feelings of vengence on a person instead of a biological process.Another tool that was heavily relied on was irony. There are many examples used to showirony in the story. The old man sends the three drunkards down a path where he says death is,however, a pot of gold awaits them there instead. 'If your so anxious to find Death, turn up thiscrooked path; for in that grove I left him, by my faith, under a tree, and there he'll stay.' Theirony in this event is that the three men who were ready to kill Death totally forget about him oncethe gold is found. After the three villians find the gold they send one into town for supplies.During the absence of the villian who went into town, one of the others suggest the murder of theabsent one to increase there share of the money. 'You are well aware that you're my swornbrother. I'll you something that will profit you. . . you know very well that there are two of us,and two are stronger than...

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