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Tools Used In The Contemporary World To Accomplish Better Global Communication

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Think about where we would be in the world today had technology not expand rapidly andglobally? Humans are inherently different visually, and often times represents seeing theindividual in person he or she is communicating with seem more accepting than using thetechnology tools and resources now at hand. A graph, picture, or statistics can communicateideas rapidly with better clarity than words itself. However, some generalizations are beenmade especially with communication through technology tools in today modern times . Thesedays, learning to communicate with others in many different form without knowing or seeing whowe are communicating with through the height of our technology systems, makes it easier tocreate and maintain relationships globally and bringing people together as an open diverseuniversal society.The history of global communication through technology has been long and has had manypeaks and valleys. According to an unknown author, he or she wrote in an article naming thechanges or tools invented technology wise. These are a few that the author has named in thearticle where the history encounters ('hand carried overland using caravans, ships,horseback, or on foot. Transportation changed everything: trains, stagecoach, overland express,ship. The Age of the telegraph, radio, and television leads to rapid communicationconsequences like using Satellite feeds for rapid, better services. Fax machines, telephones,computers, email, internet, and miniaturization became more popular in the modern world dayby day, by the quick addition of more technology tools'). In other forms the way these tools hasaffected our global society is the changes in our now communication cultures all over the world.On a quest as old as civilization itself, people everywhere have been in a never-ending pursuitof ways to overcome physical shortcomings; like no known animal before it, man hasrelentlessly sought ways to bend the laws of nature in his favor Foley,2000). First using crudetools to compensate for physical limitations, slowly growing ever more complex as society seemto be more developed; soon looking for ways to shorten travel and communication times -evolving from foot to horseback to the locomotive and eventually to Mach 3 jets and satellitesthat is quite literally, 'out of this world'. Fiber optic cables (or "fiber optics"), developed in theearly 1980s, offered the potential to carry greater volumes of calls than satellite or microwavelinks (Foley, 2000).Whether an individual wants to believe it or not, electricity is a part of thetechnology tools also. The internet has played a vital role in the industry of wireless technologysystems used for communication making convenience to individuals for better interactionsglobally. Productivity in businesses has improved and advance in the form or creating andeliminating work in the workforce.In today's living global society, is technology good or bad? Debate has been flourishingcontinuously for a long time on...

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