Top 10 Caribbean Beaches Essay

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Top 10 Caribbean Beaches

A vacation to the Caribbean gives you the opportunity to experience some of the world's most exquisite beaches. Just about every island of the Caribbean Sea will offer beaches that astound the senses; with a crystalline blue surf, snow-white sand and gently swaying palms.

To help you decide where to travel and more importantly what beach to select, here is a list of the top ten beaches in the Caribbean:

1. Palm Beach (Aruba) -- The utopian beach scene with brilliant white sand awaits you in Aruba's Palm Beach. This is an island paradise where you want to get situated in the hotel, then with your rental car, take off exploring the Arubian countryside like mad. You could go on doing that for a week and still see new discoveries with each jaunt. That's how amazing this place is. The gorgeous Palm Beach features a legion of first-class hotels and restaurants. Experience the Caribbean like never before in Aruba's beautiful Palm Beach.

2. Grand Anse Beach (Grenada) -- If you're looking for a beach with sugar-white sand, plentiful space and shallow waters, this is the ideal place. Located along two fabulous miles of pristine sand and sunshine, this sheltered bay has become a favored spot for both visitors and locals alike. This resplendent beach is prominently featured in advertisements about Grenada and its islands, and is situated conveniently near various leading hotels. Grand Anse is also known for enjoying the most tranquil and serene weather conditions, as the beach is situated on the western leeward side of the island, harboring it from high waves, swift currents and strong winds.

3. Johnson’s Point (Antigua) -- Comprised of lovely secluded coves, Johnson's Point boasts powdery sand beaches and is a must for snorkeling and swimming. Johnson's Point proffers a relaxing unspoiled beach in the picturesque southwesterly corner of Antigua, the biggest of the British Leeward Islands. Tourists who are seeking a placid stretch of sand in a natural setting, with colorful tropical fish, ought to look into Johnson's Point. While Antigua possesses beaches that are even more sequestered than Johnson's Point, the mix of natural elements, personality and other characteristics offered by this beach might be just right for you. Put Johnson's Point on your itinerary when booking a vacation package to Antigua.

4. Pink Sands Beach (Bahamas) -- Among the world’s most photographed beaches, Pink Sands Beach is frequently selected as the world’s finest by travel publications. The beach name comes from its salmon pink colored sand, ascribable to blood-red plankton that blended with the fine-grained white sand. Pink Sands Beach on Harbour Island is the place to go for elemental beauty, luxury resorts and -- above all -- three miles of sublimely pink sand and blue waters. The sea is perfect for swimming: warmed by the sun throughout the year and typically calm, protected from the undulating waves...

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