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Top 10 Jobs For Computer Science Majors

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Software Engineer
A software engineer is a certified professional digital citizen whose expertise is inventing, evolving and apply the principles of engineering to the design, development, maintenance, testing, evaluation of the software and systems that make computers or anything containing software work. A Software engineer requires a commendable knowledge of computer science, information architecture and good communication skills with familiarity with industry and business. . It is certainly an in demand job since high-tech companies like government agencies, militaries and universal business needs their knowledge for their own intentions. The net income of a software engineer ...view middle of the document...

Experience developers earn wages between $99,000 a year.
Java Developer
A Java developer is a person to be the duty of coding JavaScript to perform computerized task that includes coding, which leads to the result of building an application. Javascript made a possibility to companies generating a “web app” replacing traditional desktop apps. A mandatory requirement of java developers is to merge Javascript with other languages such as HTML5 or C++ or multiple developers. Although Java Developers Industry is widespread in India and Philippines, many American programmers keep their experts and make them supervise projects overseas. At least a bachelor in computer science, mathematics, information systems and a “Certified Sun Java Programmer”. Based on their analyst, it depends on the location and whereabouts you employed for since other companies have different requirements and qualification of their product. Averagely for banking and publishing transactions, they earn more than $120,000.
Business Analyst
The role of a business analyst is to conform and manage constant changes through innovation. They propose ways to improve convenience, structure and profits. A business analyst earns annually $67,000. This occupation requires investigating goals and issues, evaluating solutions and more. The education degree that is qualified in this occupation are “CBS” certificates.
.NET Developer
A net developer job is producing and handling languages in web that are required to work effectively. The average net developer salary is $87,000 but also depends on the skills you have adapted through the training. A .Net developer is usually who can maintain the code formatting and design it beautifully but also requires familiarity with design patterns and unit testing.
Web Developer
A web...

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