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Top 20 Mocktails For The New Year

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Top 20 Mocktails for the New Year
New Year is the perfect time to arrange parties and invite guests. The party feels complete with varieties of foods and drinks. Both alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages must be kept on the serving table for entertaining the guests of all age groups. Mocktails are combination of drinks in a subtle way to keep out alcohol from the drink. Colorful drinks will definitely make your guests feel satisfied. Here is a list of some fabulous non alcoholic drinks that can be prepared in minutes.
1. Arnold Palmer: This is a yellow drink containing same quantities of iced tea and lemonade mixed in a Collins glass containing ice. Decoration can be done with sprig of mint and lemon ring on the glass top.
2. Baby Bellini: This wondrous mocktail looks quite like champagne and contains peach nectar and chilled sparkling cider. Champagne flute must be chosen for serving this drink with a piece of piece cube on the glass.
3. Banana Smoothie: This frothy smoothie mix has cream color. It contains 2 sliced bananas, vanilla yogurt, ice cubes, vanilla extract and honey. Serving in a cordial glass with a red cherry on top makes it look extra special.
4. Autumnal temptations: A classy mocktail served in a Collins glass with topping of Lavender soda for extra punch. The drink looks fabulous and contains apricot nectar, agave nectar and grapefruit juice.
5. Orange Julius: This can be served on hurricane glass containing fresh mango juice, milk, sugar, vanilla extract and vanilla ice cream.
6. Pussyfoot: A wondrous colorful drink containing lime juice, lemon juice, orange juice, egg yolk and sparkling water on top. Serve it in a Collins glass with an orange slice tucked on the glass top.
7. Soda Shop Cola: This drink contains cherry juice, vanilla extract and cola. High ball glass is perfect to serve it with a lemon wedge on top.
8. Virgin Miami Vice: A beautiful mocktail having pineapple juice, coconut cream, strawberry puree, lime juice, ice and syrup. Serving is done in a Highball glass with a strawberry on top.
9. Berry patch: This amazing non alcoholic soothing drink...

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