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According to Karen Webb, temporary Prime Minister of Canada, a group of grade sevens will be going to an unknown planet that has never been inhabited by humans before. Their goal is to survive. The only things they know are, the climate is steady and similar to California's climate, the planet has oxygen, and they will travel via space ship. The grade seven's got to take three things of a list of thirty-two things to take with them. This essay will prove to you that taking water, young trees, and knives will be the best choice to take with them to this unknown planet.
Water is the number one thing needed to survive other than air (which the planet already has). Water is under the four main things needed to survive which are food, water, air, and shelter. All animals and plants need water and that includes us. The basic rule of thumb is no one can survive three days without water. Therefore, without water the grade sevens would die in just a few days making it's extremely important.
One of the other things the grade seven's should take is some young trees. Young trees are highly useful for many reasons. They provide food, which is also necessary for survival. Basically no one can survive three weeks without food. The young trees have food because people can eat the tree’s bark, the tree could be a fruit or nut tree, or it can be something else. There are quite a few possibilities. There are arguments that the trees will not survive without soil, but most trees come with a little bag of soil so it can be transported. Another argument is there will not be enough soil, but that soil may also have worms and they could live off the compost made by the trees creating more soil. In addition, trees can give shelter which is something else necessary for survival. Someone can simply go under the branches for shelter or someone could cut the branches down and...

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