Top 5 Free Android Apps For Seo And Online Marketers

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SEO is a very time consuming process and requires hard work as well as complete knowledge on SEO process. SEO industry is now being considered as a very challenging market after the quality concerned intellectual algorithm updates from the search engines. So, as an online marketer or SEO consultant you need to sweat more for your clients to rank high on search engines and social media feeds. Going mobile is a good idea to keep up with the SEO campaigns. And the new technologies like mobile apps are really helping the inbound experts to be updated with every minute SERP and rank changes. You can find a good list of productive Android apps for strengthening your SEO moves.

5 Must have Android apps for SEO:

1. Google Analytics [FREE]:

Google Analytics is the most used web analytics tool and the ultimate choice of both webmasters and online marketers. Its Android app provides all basic and essential data with few swipes and single login. Using this app you can get the website traffic analysis report on the go. Google Inc. developed this app and offering it free of cost on Google Play.

Note: Android 4.0 and up versions are supported. Its apk file is of 2.8MB.

Click here to download Google Analytics app - Download

2. WebRank SEO [FREE]:

This handy mobile application is the mobile client of the popular online SEO and site analysis tool ‘’. The webmasters, SEOs and inbound marketers can fetch their website rank details as well as compare their competitor rankings through this Android app. Search engine index status and backlink analysis also added in this mobile application. A premium version of this app i.e. WebRank SEO Pro and another free variant (WebRank SEO Live) is also available on Google Play.

Note: The tablet or smartphone need to be upgraded to Android 2.2 or latest to use this app. Its apk file size is 663kb.

Click here to download WebRank SEO app - Download

3. SECockpit:

SwissMadeMarketing developed this Android app and in Google Play it is a featured SEO...

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