Top 5 Free Music Management Tools

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Top 5 Free Music Management Tools
Software for managing and organizing your music files for free
Our life is a fantastic journey made all the better with great music. If you’ve got a huge collection of music and playlists, you may want to transfer them to various devices, edit the track and album information and (most importantly) be able to play them whenever you want. I put together a list of the top music management software solutions to help you to customize your music library.
1. MusicBee
MusicBee is a powerful music management tool with extensive features available for Windows. In addition to your usual music player functions (listening, editing of song and album details, playlist creation), MusicBee also offers advanced Tagging and Audio adjustment functions, letting you fully customize your listening experience. Connect online to find more information about your favorite bands and customize the look and feel of the interface. MusicBee also supports synchronizing of your mobile devices. Lastly, I’ve got to say: MusicBee looks slick and operates smooth.
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2. iTunes Genius
Genius was introduced with iTunes 8 available for Mac and Windows. It’s designed to automatically create playlists of songs you already own that compliment each other—no wait time, no brain-busting. The more advanced features are similar to those offered by Pandora, recommending bands based on your preferences, but even without an internet connection Genius can create a fun mix of your favorites with just a click.
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3. MediaMonkey 4.1
Music manager and music player all in one, MediaMonkey 4 (subscription pro version MediaMonkey Gold also available) offers a complete suite of management and listening tools. Its built-in tag editor automatically manages tag data, updates tracks with lyrics, artwork, song and album details, and more, while also...

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