Top 5 Free Seo Toolbars For Webmasters And Internet Marketers

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Most of the people want to get rid of toolbars those installed by their Antivirus program, media player software or ant download manager like applications. It makes the browser window messy and slows down the internet speed. To have a good browsing experience, we uninstall these types of web toolbars. But sometimes we (mostly the internet geeks or online marketers) install certain web toolbars in their browser to enhance productivity. SEO toolbars are the most useful browser extensions for the SEO consultants, inbound marketers, bloggers, and the web geeks. Currently there are a number of feature-rich SEO toolbars are being available for different browsers with distinctive utility options at free of cost.

A blogger wants to check the pagerank and index status of another blogs for guest blogging or blog commenting. The SEO experts use these browser extensions for monitoring or being updated the rank info at a single place rather than spending much time and money on web based tools. Google PageRank, Index status, Backlink analysis, and other information like whois data, keyword density, social stats, etc can be easily gathered for every webpage(s) or websites through SEO toolbars at free of cost. Below reviewed “Top five SEO Toolbars” will help the inexperienced webmasters to master in SEO.

Top 5 Free SEO Toolbars:

1. SEOQuake SEO Toolbar: [Download]
Due to its compatibility with major browsers i.e. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari (Apple) I placed it on the top. It provides compressive information about the active webpage(s) ranging from the Google PageRank to Text/HTML ratio. Additional stuffs like webpage meta (SEO title, meta keywords and meta description) showed in the detailed webpage analysis report (accessible by clicking the “Diagnosis” button) from the toolbar. It...

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