Top 5 Hot Televisions To Come In 2014

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CES has always been a good platform for electronic companies to exhibit their new products. This year too saw some stunning and magnificent televisions from many established and reputed companies. Samsung, LG, Sharp and Sony are a few among the big guns that ensured that the consumers did not have any shortage in high end television news from any quarters of the CES event. Everything from curved TVs, 3Ds, 4K TVs and 100 inch TVs
1. Samsung curved and Bendable TV: Samsung has unveiled its 105 inch curved Ultra HD TV which the company claims to be largest curved ultra high definition television. The 105 inch U9500 Curved UHD TV, has a broad and widespread display, curved design and has a movie theatre aspect of 21 x 9 giving one an experience of watching a film. The best position to seat is about 13.7 feet away from the TV. The TV provides nearly double sizes images when viewed from any of the angles. It adopts Quadmatic Picture Engine that ensures provision of all content in UHD level picture and it powers 21:9 aspect ratio boasting 11 million pixel screen resolution. Samsung has also introduced an 85 inch U9B bendable TV which it claims is the world’s first largest UHD TV that converts from a flat panel to a curved panel only with the touch of a button. The UHD TVs are compatible with HEVC, HDMI2.0MHL 3.0and HDCP2.2 and are called televisions of the future. Samsung has a complete line up of UHD smart TVs in various sizes starting from 50 inches to 110 inches.

2. Sony 4K TV XBR X950B: The TV is available in 65 and 85 inch models with additional emphasis on the picture quality and Triluminos colour. The 65inch comes with a screen size of 163.9 cm while the 85 inch has a screen size of 214.8 cm. The gigantic 85 inch display has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 (4K) pixels with full array LED. It sure would make your purse lighter. Sony’s flagship XBR-X950B‘s biggest USP is its 4K UHD resolution that is around 4 times the 1080p. There is no doubt on the picture quality. It would be a feast to your eyes when you add the LED backlight with local dimming as the LED with bright colours and LEDs with black or dark content get combined to close up the contrast efficacy. Another important feature is the Sony’s X-reality up conversion engine. .It has many connectivity options like 4 HDMI, 2 composite, LAN...

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